Daily sessions in


Come become a part of the sessions held in the serene environs of the 300 yr old Hanuman ghat temple, next to the Pichola lake. Soak up the vibrations of the temple as you practice with Seethu in this sacred space. Enroll to become a part of the group sessions. Or reach out to Seethu to craft a personal session designed just for your needs and concerns from the Yoga traditions of T.Krishnamacharya.


Taught in T.Krishnamacharya s tradition, you will experience Vinyasa krama Yoga. Be prepared to be with your breath. Allow yourself to open your body with asanas, (postures), take in pranayama (breathwork), be with your mind in dhyana (meditation), and enjoy the mantra japa(chanting). Be prepared to just be and make Yoga yours. All in an outdoor Yoga space with the lake view inside a 350 year old temple.


8.30 am - 9.45 am every morning. 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm every evening.

Please leave whatsapp message on +91 8921 044 382 just to check on the timings.


You are doing Yoga in a temple in India, wear clothes accordingly.